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About Us

What We Do

We support you in your garden! Even when you don't have time or know exactly what to do next, we want you to enjoy your outdoor space. 

Our services are tailored to you; we can plant and maintain your vegetables or help you establish a new space for flowers to admire from your back windows. 

Services available for residential, commercial and can work around your Airbnb bookings in Narrowsburg and surrounding areas.


Every garden we’re in, we take personally! We want to see your plants grow and bloom just as much as you do. What are your plans and ideas? 

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A Lil' Bit About Leigh

I've been gardening since I can remember. My parents bought my great grandfather's house when I was in grade school. They reestablished the garden in the same location he had it. My dad learned in that same spot that I was taught. Even as a kid, I thought about that connection often. 


Now fast forward - after years in a city, running a different business - I started helping others in their garden during Covid lockdown and it's been so rewarding since. And one more thing, with my painting background, I look at plants as a palette to create moments. They're more than just fillers of space, they play to your senses and bring beauty to your life.

P.S. Leigh is convinced she loves to dig because she used to dig with a spoon for hours as a kid.


The debate of native vs non-native plants is going to continue. Just a little clarification, we use the word introduced instead of invasive. There are many benefits that impact us when planting natives vs introduced and especially living close to watersheds and the Delaware River. 


We will always recommend native before introduced plants and yes, there’s a scale of ok to the absolute worst, like Japanese Knot Weed.

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